Hair Color


A little bit envious of Gwen Stefani’s platinum locks? Well don’t be, because hair coloring is not as complicated as it looks. Though not everybody can sport the blonde bombshell look, here are some pointers on choosing the right shade for you:

If you have sallow skin with undertones of yellow, better to stay away from deep gold.
If your skin has a pink tint to it, don’t go for shades of strawberry.
If you are already blonde but still wish to make you hair color lighter than its original, avoid going beyond a couple of shades lighter.

People with dark hair should avoid going straight to bleaching at first as it will be damaging to your hair. Perhaps you should try going a few shades lighter at first for a couple of months and gradually lighten the color in your succeeding visits. Better yet, ask help from a hair colorist in your favorite salon.

Colored hair also requires more care. Ask for recommendations from your stylist regarding the right shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair from going dry and brittle.

Fergie Does Vinegar Shots


We know Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas has both a strong & beautiful voice as well as a well toned and built body. But how does she maintain the weight despite a grueling tour schedule? According to a recent interview in Glamour Magazine she does Vinegar shots:

GLAMOUR: That’s good advice. Health-wise, is there anything else you do?
FERGIE: I do vinegar shots. It has to be organic apple cider, unfiltered.
GLAMOUR: You do a shot of it?
FERGIE: Two tablespoons. For some reason I’ve noticed a difference on my stomach. I just trusted [my trainer] on this one. I’m sharing. I’m all about sharing secrets. [Fergie's trainer, Natasha Kufa, told Glamour that she believes vinegar shots flush out fats in the colon, which helps the body digest food and gets rid of cravings.]


Get that 100 megawatt smile!


Tired of all those chemical-based teeth whitening manufactures in the market? Are you having allergic reactions to the different products offered to you? Then maybe it’s about time you try home remedy as your solution.

Baking soda has been proven as the best remedy for the not-so-white teeth. People who take up dentistry vouch for the good effects of baking soda, compared to its all-natural counterparts such as lemon juice and strawberries (both of which deposit natural sugars in between the teeth). Dentists however, remind everyone that they should never forget brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste, as fluoride is an essential element for the teeth to be healthy. SMILE!

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Zinc and Vitamin C


Want to know Brittany Murphy’s secret to healthy glowing skin? She follows the advice of her makeup expert and that is to make sure that she gets more zinc and Vitamin C in her diet.

Zinc is a mineral (a metallic chemical element) that can be found in food, especially seafood such as oysters. It can also be found to a far lesser degree in most animal proteins, beans, nuts, almonds, whole grains, and seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Clinical studies have shown that if zinc is combined with antioxidants, it may delay progression of age-related muscular degeneration, hence younger looking skin.

Rachel Zoe fashion essentials


Hollywood Fashion A stylist (try Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Keira Knightley and Mischa Barton) and author of “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour”, Rachel Zoe, reveals some fashion essentials during her guest editor gig at shoe retailer

Invest in good pieces in classic colors that can be mixed and matched. Adding a few accessories would also be advisable.

Fashion for the woman-always-on-the-go, staple pieces are: a pair of patent shoes, trench coat, underpinnings, white shirt, full suit, black dress and pencil skirt.

Pieces should not necessarily match but hardware such as belts and shoes must complement each other. Add little bits at a time and don’t contrast too much.

The safest hosiery to wear is black opaque tights. Stay away from patterns.

Advice on the boots-over-jeans look – Tall girls can wear high boots, muscular girls can go for scrunchy, mid-calf boots, and the petite ladies can be cue in mid-calf or ankle boots.

Source: The Plain Dealer

Leighton Meester


26 year old Gossip Girl TV star Leighton Meester is famous for bringing the headband trend some years ago shared her beauty secrets to MarieClaire magazine and how she maintains looking gorgeous and fresh all the time. She was quoted to say “I relate to Blair’s classic style, but I’m not afraid of sweatpants every once in a while.”  She carries around a Chanel natural finish face powder in her purse everyday. She uses Linda Mason Blush in bare to add color to her cheeks and Lancôme Le Lipstique in Natural Mauve to make her pretty lips stand out. She also makes sure that beneath the make up she has healthy skin. Before going out every day she uses Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, a sunscreen for her face. And after shoots, she is good with taking her make up off and letting her skin breathe. For this she uses La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser.

Hollywood Abs Exposed: Tummy Exercises

When it comes to tummy exercises, the six and eight pack abs are not built by crunches alone and this is the fact. There are a lot of exercises aimed to flatten the stomach and trim the waistline. Yet, these exercises work best if cardio exercises are incorporated in the workouts.

The abs is found under our belly. Doing tummy exercises only promotes the development and toning of the abdominal muscles. It dies not get rid of the flab that covers it. Cardio exercises increases the metabolism of the body which promotes burning of fats easily. Cardio exercises includes various effective intense exercises such as, swimming, running, walking and cycling.

Thus, it is best to incorporate both muscle building exercises and cardio exercises in the workout. This way, you effectively tighten and tone the tummy while also burning and saying goodbye to the excess weight and the extra inches on your tummy.

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Tips in Maintaining a Youthful Skin

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Most women aspire to look like their favorite celebrity. However, finances may not allow them to buy expensive beauty products. However, there are different simple facial methods that can be used to achieve a youthful glow. First, if you are applying make-up on a daily basis, you have to make sure that you wash it off before getting to bed. This will help clean the pores that might have absorbed cosmetics all throughout the day. It will also keep pimples from developing. Second, you should assess your skin type prior to buying facial wash and cleansers. This will make sure that the product you are using does not dry off your skin. Third, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to give the skin a healthy look. You should also drink a lot of water to replenish liquids that have been worn out. Lastly, it is best to get enough rest and sleep to help maintain a youthful look.

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Home Care for a Beautiful Skin

Asian women are truly known for their exotic beauty. But do you know that not all of them owe their nice complexion to a dermatologist? You don’t need to learn Thai language or any Asian vernacular like Tagalog or Mandarin just to be like them. In this article you can steal some of their beauty secrets, that are also adopted by other women of the world such as Hollywood celebrities. Interested? Continue reading.

1. Exfoliate your skin using a mixture of sugar and olive oil. This process can help you look young and feel refresh; it’s like giving yourself a mini microdermabrasion. This beauty secret is being used not only by Asian women but also popular to Hollywood actresses such as Jessica Biel. According to Biel, she even adds sugar to her regular cleanser when she wants to slough away dead skin cells. Just remember not to exfoliate too much or your skin may get over dry.
2. Massage your skin with Vitamin C. You can buy it in a liquid form in most health food stores.
3. Japanese women love placing their washcloths in the fridge so they’re nice and cold when using them. This beauty secret can also help reduce redness and swelling, makes pores appear smaller, gets rid of puffy eyes, and gives your complexion a healthy pink glow. Supermodel Rachel Hunter is also doing this kind of trick.
4. Moisturize to make your complexion silky and always blooming.Smooth your skin with honey. Honey can serve as your smoothening agent. Wash your skin and slathers on this sticky stuff, leave for a while then rinse well. Get a soft, supple skin after. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses honey for the same reason.
There you have it! You don’t really need to spend bucks of money visiting a spa or skin clinic. With all these beauty secrets, you can surely achieve a beautiful, great complexion just like Asian women and Hollywood celebrities.

How to look like a Duchess


Kate Middleton is an incredibly gorgeous woman, no wonder Prince William, Duke of Cambridge fell head over heels and married her. Do you want to be able to look and feel just like a Duchess? That can be achieved by following the 31 year old’s beauty regimen starting with her hair. Whenever she steps out in public, there’s no hair out of place for this lovely woman. It always looks shiny and bouncy. Have this look by using Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oléo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo. If you are having a bad hair day, whip out a lovely and fancy hat fit for a royal. Middleton is known for having beautiful hats that she wears in public.

The future queen consort also likes accentuating her eyes by applying a dark eye liner and mascara. For this look, use NARS eyeliner Pencil in Black Moon. Having a high forehead, she likes moving the attention to her eyebrows and eyes instead. For eyebrows use Benefit Instant Brow Pencil

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