Hollywood Abs Exposed: Tummy Exercises

When it comes to tummy exercises, the six and eight pack abs are not built by crunches alone and this is the fact. There are a lot of exercises aimed to flatten the stomach and trim the waistline. Yet, these exercises work best if cardio exercises are incorporated in the workouts.

The abs is found under our belly. Doing tummy exercises only promotes the development and toning of the abdominal muscles. It dies not get rid of the flab that covers it. Cardio exercises increases the metabolism of the body which promotes burning of fats easily. Cardio exercises includes various effective intense exercises such as, swimming, running, walking and cycling.

Thus, it is best to incorporate both muscle building exercises and cardio exercises in the workout. This way, you effectively tighten and tone the tummy while also burning and saying goodbye to the excess weight and the extra inches on your tummy.

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Tips in Maintaining a Youthful Skin

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Most women aspire to look like their favorite celebrity. However, finances may not allow them to buy expensive beauty products. However, there are different simple facial methods that can be used to achieve a youthful glow. First, if you are applying make-up on a daily basis, you have to make sure that you wash it off before getting to bed. This will help clean the pores that might have absorbed cosmetics all throughout the day. It will also keep pimples from developing. Second, you should assess your skin type prior to buying facial wash and cleansers. This will make sure that the product you are using does not dry off your skin. Third, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to give the skin a healthy look. You should also drink a lot of water to replenish liquids that have been worn out. Lastly, it is best to get enough rest and sleep to help maintain a youthful look.

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Home Care for a Beautiful Skin

Asian women are truly known for their exotic beauty. But do you know that not all of them owe their nice complexion to a dermatologist? You don’t need to learn Thai language or any Asian vernacular like Tagalog or Mandarin just to be like them. In this article you can steal some of their beauty secrets, that are also adopted by other women of the world such as Hollywood celebrities. Interested? Continue reading.

1. Exfoliate your skin using a mixture of sugar and olive oil. This process can help you look young and feel refresh; it’s like giving yourself a mini microdermabrasion. This beauty secret is being used not only by Asian women but also popular to Hollywood actresses such as Jessica Biel. According to Biel, she even adds sugar to her regular cleanser when she wants to slough away dead skin cells. Just remember not to exfoliate too much or your skin may get over dry.
2. Massage your skin with Vitamin C. You can buy it in a liquid form in most health food stores.
3. Japanese women love placing their washcloths in the fridge so they’re nice and cold when using them. This beauty secret can also help reduce redness and swelling, makes pores appear smaller, gets rid of puffy eyes, and gives your complexion a healthy pink glow. Supermodel Rachel Hunter is also doing this kind of trick.
4. Moisturize to make your complexion silky and always blooming.Smooth your skin with honey. Honey can serve as your smoothening agent. Wash your skin and slathers on this sticky stuff, leave for a while then rinse well. Get a soft, supple skin after. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses honey for the same reason.
There you have it! You don’t really need to spend bucks of money visiting a spa or skin clinic. With all these beauty secrets, you can surely achieve a beautiful, great complexion just like Asian women and Hollywood celebrities.

How to look like a Duchess


Kate Middleton is an incredibly gorgeous woman, no wonder Prince William, Duke of Cambridge fell head over heels and married her. Do you want to be able to look and feel just like a Duchess? That can be achieved by following the 31 year old’s beauty regimen starting with her hair. Whenever she steps out in public, there’s no hair out of place for this lovely woman. It always looks shiny and bouncy. Have this look by using Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oléo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo. If you are having a bad hair day, whip out a lovely and fancy hat fit for a royal. Middleton is known for having beautiful hats that she wears in public.

The future queen consort also likes accentuating her eyes by applying a dark eye liner and mascara. For this look, use NARS eyeliner Pencil in Black Moon. Having a high forehead, she likes moving the attention to her eyebrows and eyes instead. For eyebrows use Benefit Instant Brow Pencil

7 Embarassing Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos were once utilized as a classification of people within cultures – warriors, healers, slaves, leaders, etc. It then eventually made its way into modern pop culture with its popularity among bad boy/bad girl stereotypes on movies and TV shows such as those you can get through Slackware.org. Nowadays, tattoos are slowly becoming more and more appreciated, with high-profile personalities and celebrities getting ink done as well. Despite this, a tattoo if not chosen carefully, can still spell for a disaster – which sucks all the more due to tattoos being permanent in most cases. To prove our point, check out these examples of cringe-worthy tattoos from the stars: Read more »

Celebrity Favorite Products

We will let you in on celebrity’s favorite beauty products. That way, we can all hoard the stores for it and wish it works well enough that we can resemble these beautiful creature even the slightest. So get ready ladies, save up some money and get to the nearest department store and load up on all of these products:

Jessica Alba uses Revlon Custom Creations Foundation to achieve her always fresh and clean face-look. Quick tip, use the normal shade foundation and a bronzer in the side of your cheeks for the sun-kissed vibe.

Victoria Beckham uses Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Skin Protectant. This cream is not just for the face but also all parts of your body that can get easily dry.

Halle Berry uses Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Nude Lustre to make her lips extra sexy. It works all the time!

Eliza Dushku enhances the prettiness of her eyes with the Dollhouse: Blinc Mascara.

Tips From The Stars

There’s a reason why these actresses are famous and liked by everyone. And it isn’t just because of their talent but also because of their beauty. Get in on some of these gorgeous actresses’ tips on how they keep themselves camera ready at all times.

Reality star/ Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe said that she uses the Gilded Rose as a light shadow and apply Black Foil as your liner with a thin-tip brush. Both are Too Faced Beauty Mark Duo Eye Shadow

Movie star Jennifer Aniston says she uses Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in terre amber. She has really beautiful tan skin that is the envy of many.

RnB singer Beyonce uses Aquafor Healing Ointment in several different ways. To remove makeup, lip moisturizer and on her eyelids. It keeps her skin looking fresh and smooth.

Actress Charlize Theron was quoted to say “I don’t use makeup remover — I simply wash my face with Dior Snow Foaming Cleanser and it removes absolutely everything.”

Beauty secrets of the celebrities we love

Most celebrities are no different than the rest of us, they all have to deal with the rigors of daily life and one of those is aging. The only thing that differs is that they need or have to stay beautiful all year round, even off camera, hence they suffer the scorn of the ever present “pap” who would be more than happy to capitalize on any oddity they spot.
They spend thousands if not millions during their ride to fame and even infamy just to maintain that beauty they’ve been so loved for. But beauty and Hollywood being the lover of fad’s, the simpler the better. Beauty that lasts is one that’s as simple as can be….

Christina Hendricks


Beautiful and seductive Christina Hendricks, more popularly known as the sexy secretary Joan Holloway in the TV Series Mad Men is not just known for her extremely voluptuous body but also her beautiful face. She is practically the full package. In this article she shares her beauty secrets. The actress says that her character in the series wears a lot of tight clothing and is well put together. She is quite different in real life. She prefers being more girly with her hair down. More carefree. What most people don’t know is that in real life, she is blonde. To maintain the red color of her hair (for her character), she uses Redken Color Extend conditioner which works like a sunblock to her hair. She mentions some of her top beauty products that is in her make up kit.

1. MAC matte red lipstick in Russian Red

2. Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock

3. Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara


Taylor Swift


Famous young singer Taylor Swift is one of the most admired women in hollywood. She keeps her feet in the ground with impeccable reputation and enormous talent. She is not just known for her musical genius but also her good looks. She keeps looking youthful and dresses her age. Want to know her beauty secrets? Let us, let you in on it. Taylor’s hair is naturally curly. She admits to not using any hair products because she fears that putting too much mousse would make it look dry and crunchy. When it comes to her lips, she likes using the red shade a lot to make her lips pop from her pale skin. She says make up artists apply red lipstick first, blot it with a tissue that has a bit of powder then adds a second layer of lipstick. This makes it last longer. She doesn’t have a particular skin regimen but she makes sure she removes make up every night and apply night cream.

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